The School of Artisan Food

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"Climate uncertainty, declining oil supplies and more mouths to feed make it risky to rely on globalised food supplies. A saner, healthier, more sustainable food system based on local production and processing will require a renaissance of craft skills, knowledge and commitment. The School of Artisan Food is a key part of this radical - and vital - new agenda."

Andrew Whitley, Author of ‘Bread Matters’

“As demand for artisan food increases so does the demand for knowledge about it. Not only is the general public hungry for knowledge about the food they eat but also the need for skilled artisans is ever increasing. I have been involved in the renaissance of artisan cheese in Britain for 30 years and seen the number of these cheeses increase from a handful in the late 1970s to hundreds now. But the knowledge and craft of artisan cheesemaking is still held by very few and now is the time to teach what we know. Fifty years ago there were several schools in Britain providing training for hundreds of cheesemakers and now there are none. The School of Artisan Food will fill that gap.”

Randolph Hodgson Founder of Neal’s Yard Dairy

“All indications are that SAF will steer clear of the style wars that clutter the world of British artisanal food. Artful presentation of food, be it raw or cooked, is not the point here.

The Tea Togethers, having themselves slogged through the early years of creation without a compass, salute a course set to answer the real needs of those who seek a viable future in the making and selling of non-industrial foods.

As guides and mentors, its students will have people who have earned their international reputations with their sleeves rolled up, and who also have had to grapple with the financial realities of their calling.

The making of real food is a complex, multi-tasking business. Rooted in the agricultural heart of middle England, SAF is getting ready to take it on.”

Judith Gifford Founder of Tea Together