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Italian Baking

Think semolina bread, ciabatta, focaccia; learn about biga (traditional pre-ferment) and sloppy dough...there’s a technique to handling it.

Discover the delicious simplicity of Italian baking. Start with examining the classic Italian starter, biga acida, responsible for the lovely flavour and open porous texture of Italian breads.

Create an authentic ciabatta, personalise your own focaccia and explore the process of making delicious and hearty semolina bread.

This course includes light refreshments and lunch.

All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the School.


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I am not a cook by skill or natural inclination, and was attracted to the course because I wanted to be able to provide a good source of Italian bread for us and your web site encouraged me to 'go for it'
I dreaded being in a group of expert amateur cooks and a course practitioner who would treat me with distain! Read on......

(Wed 4 Feb 2015)

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