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Professional Cheesemaking

Here you will find in-depth knowledge about the fundamentals of cheesemaking, taught by French cheese technologist, Ivan Larcher. Essential for any professional cheesemaker.

This specialist course will provide students with the essential knowledge of how milk is transformed into cheese. Spend five days exploring the chemistry and microbiology of cheesemaking and investigate the components of milk and its composition. Examine the role of starters and rennets in the cheesemaking process and compare methods of production for soft, hard and lactic cheese.

The course content will be delivered through a series of practical exercises and theoretical presentations.

Raw milk is used to produce cheese on this course.

This course includes refreshments and informal lunches.

All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the School.


'My expectations were met and then some, it was extraordinary. Stunning location as well. Much recommended!'


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