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Introduction to Butchery

Discover the art of butchery and master knife techniques on our practical two-day course; an essential for any meat lover.

Our expert butcher will provide with an in-depth and practical introduction to the art of butchery.

Day 1 - Start the day with an introduction to the history of butchery. Look at the tools of the trade; learn about their care and safe use. Discuss meat hygiene and safety followed by a brief introduction to different slaughter techniques and the diagram of slaughter. Examine various breeds of livestock and their respective nomenclature and take part in practical exercise. After lunch, learn about muscle structure and the composition of a meat carcass. Discuss carcass quality, storage conditions and the effect of hanging on the flavour and textures of a range of meat cuts. Practice your knife skills and examine muscle structures.

Day 2 - Take to the butchers block once again and as a group, butcher a pig into primal cuts, examining the various cuts of pork as you go. After lunch, finish butchering the pig and prepare meat before making authentic sausages.

This course is ideal for livestock farmers, chefs and anyone with an interest in butchery.

Meat that is butchered is available to take home at the end of the course.

This course includes refreshments and an informal lunch.

All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the school.

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