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Posted on January 20, 2012

2012 may be in full-swing, however here at School HQ it's a little quieter than usual.

The familiar smells of bread baking, charcuterie being smoked and milk being magically transformed into cheese are a notable absence - although we have been keeping ourselves busy with a series of short courses and visits from local catering students.

Why so quiet? Well, we’ve waved our advanced diploma students off on their work experience placements, as they set out to learn even more about baking, butchery and cheesemaking alongside some of the UK’s finest artisan food producers (and a few further afield) .

A big thank you to all the placement providers who have welcomed our students with open arms. To discover more about where our students are working simply click on the names below to find out more (we promise you’ll be hungry after just a few taps of your mouse!):

Forest Pig Charcuterie

Trealy Farm Charcuterie

Northfield Farm

Blakeney Deli

Brays Cottage Pork Pies

Hobbs House Bakery

The Artisan Bakery

The Handmade Bakery

Hambleton Bakery

Welbeck Bakehouse

Holtwhites Bakery

E5 Bakehouse

Mark’s Bread

Quickes Traditional

Westcombe Dairy

Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Company

Holden Farm Dairy




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