Sausage making with A level students

Posted on May 28, 2013

Our Education Officer, Sally McGowan gives her latest update:

At the end of last month we had a visit from The Minster School’s 6th Form Food Technology students.

They came to The School of Artisan Food to join myself and Rich Summers, one of our butchery tutors to take part in a sausage making session for the morning. Four members of staff and 14 students joined us in the butchery where they had a hands on session.

The staff and students were organised into groups, furnished with hair nets, aprons and a course booklet before watching Rich joint the pork and prepare it ready for mincing. Rich spoke to them about the science and history of butchery while demonstrating key skills.

They then returned to their tables where they weighed out their ingredients before mincing and mixing their sausage meat. Each group made two different types of sausages: a plain sausage ad a traditional British Banger. The main difference between the sausages was the use of breadcrumbs in the latter.

The students then stuffed their sausage meat into the hand sausage making machine and using hog casing made their sausages. This caused much laughter especially if they hadn’t put the meat in compactly enough causing air pockets to fill the casing.

The students were fantastic and a real asset to the school from the vegetarian who chose to attend and get her hand stuck in to the whole of the process to the group of students who discussed their sausage making business plan while working.

The teachers weren’t to be outdone and joined in with enthusiasm much to the student’s delight.

The school said “On behalf of The Minster School and all our A level students, a really big thank you for yesterday. It was a fantastic day. The Artisan butcher was so knowledgeable and skilful, I am sure that all our A level students came away with an in depth knowledge of meat and butchery – Field to plate!

The sausage making workshop was also a fantastic experience and a big thank you to all for such a hands on experience and all our sausage filled goodie bags.

I do hope that we can visit again possibly for a taste of Artisan Bakery or even cheese making!

Thanks for all your excellent organisation of the day, our useful hand outs and the opportunity for us to visit The School of Artisan Food.”

With experiences such as this I feel privileged to say that every day I look forward to coming to work and passing on the Artisan and Local Food message on to young people.

Check in next time to read about my days in West Bridgeford, Retford Oaks and of course my after school club at Sutton Community School.




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