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Posted on May 12, 2017

Student Lazarus Cardoza writes about his cookery adventures around the world and his time on various courses at The School of Artisan Food ...

I have traveled around the world and gained experiences in various cookery schools, from Italy and Australia, to India ... and now the UK.

My long term goal was to bring home some of the international training skills and develop a diverse food knowledge base, and eventually open up my own artisan food outlet somewhere in the UK.

When you have the world as your oyster, you've never lost for choices. Once I completed my research on training schools and found the School of Artisan Food, I had less of a reason to travel overseas to gain that diverse cooking experience elsewhere.

The main point for selecting this School is that they are a charity and are constantly updating their training courses. Their heart is the right place. You find yourself connected to the School, not just connected to the course you want to take. What I also like is the fact they offer 1 day introduction courses which can be progressed up to 1 week courses.

You can see once you get to this beautiful location, that it's not just a pretty face. You can see all the professional equipment in the various training sections. There are a number of class coordinators at the School that help with ensuring the teachers (both local and overseas) are ready to deliver the course.

When you attend this School remember it's in the country so the people are relaxed with a focus on getting their courses completed with fun and good valued content. The School helps you learn and grasp the basics so you can start to develop your new found skills in your own production environment and make it on your own.

I've attended a few of the 1-day courses to help me understand the scope of the subject. So far bread courses are amazing and I've enjoyed baking at home for friends and neighbours.

Three days ago I learnt how to make pizza from a British baker - amazing! I can't believe I learnt to make authentic Italian Neapolitan style pizza from a British baker, I've pinched myself, woke up, and it's real!

The other amazing course I attended was the one-day food photography. I've never picked up a DSLR camera before, and now the camera is connected to my hip. The idea of being able to capture perfect pictures to show off my food is just a blessing.

This School is life changing and you will meet amazing, like-minded students who are interested in learning just like you. Making new friends is so much fun at this place.

I would recommend coming to this School for a great learning experience. Start with the 1-day course and take learning at your own pace to get the most out of what's on offer.




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