UPDATED (04/01/21) Covid-19 Updates & FAQs

Posted on November 26, 2020

UPDATED 04/01/21

After the recent update to government guidelines- National Lockdown. We will temporarily close for all activities until further notice.

This includes our Degree and Diploma courses.. This means we will sadly have to also postpone short courses scheduled between 31/12/20 - 28/02/21. If you were booked onto a course between those dates, we will be in touch with you regarding your options. Please check your emails ( including Spam)

What will happen to the course I have booked if we go into a higher tier/lockdown?

If the government announce a national lockdown or Nottinghamshire move into Tier 3 or Higher ( Inc National Lockdown) then all bookings during this time will be postponed.

Which Tier will mean my course is postponed?

You will still be able to attend your course if it is either Tier 1 or Tier 2, however, if we move into Tier 3 or higher (inc National lockdown) all courses will be postponed until further notice from the government.

What happens if the course I was booked onto gets postponed?

You will have two options if your course is postponed-

1. You can hold your booking as credit

2. You can transfer your booking to a future course already scheduled

3. You can claim a full refund.

Will my course be automatically moved to a new date?

No, you will have the above three options to choose from. We will get in touch with all course participants beforehand to find out your decision. If we do not hear from you, we will hold your booking as credit valid for 12 months)

Nottinghamshire is in Tier 3 or higher (inc National Lockdown) : Does this mean I am unable to participate in the short course I booked?

Unfortunately, if you have a short course booked during Tier 3 or higher (inc National Lockdown); then these courses will be postponed. We will be in touch with anybody with courses booked to discuss your options.

What happens if my gift card is due to expire but we are in lockdown/Tier 3 or higher?

If your gift card is due to expire during a lockdown or Tier 3 or higher (inc National Lockdown), we will automatically extend this date for however long the lockdown or Tier lasts. So do not worry, you will still have plenty of time to redeem your gift card.

What happens if my home location is in a different Tier to Nottinghamshire?

You must continue to follow Tier rules from your home location.




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