Short courses

Spend a couple of hours on a tasting session or learn a new artisan skill in baking and patisserie, cheesemaking, butchery and charcuterie, chocolate and ice cream making, and brewing or turn your foodie passion into a business.

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Enjoy a two hour tasting session, learn a new artisan skill in a day or advance your professional career under the expert guidance of our experienced artisan tutors.

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Baking Courses

We are passionate about real bread, long fermentations, regional varieties and sticky dough. There’s something unexplainably satisfying about making good bread.

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Brewing & Drinks Courses

From growing to making to tasting - we offer a range of brewery-based courses to whet the appetite and give you the skills to produce your own delicious products at home.

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Butchery Courses

Learn how to prepare your favourite cuts of meat and discover all about pies, the good old English sausage, air dried hams, salami and much more.

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Cheesemaking Courses

From milk choice to maturation, delve into the fascinating world of dairy with our range of tasting courses, practical days and professional workshops.

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Preserves and Pickling Courses

Preserves do just that; they keep the taste and goodness of the season for you to enjoy later. Learn how to produce your own jams, chutneys, jellies, flavoured oils and much more.

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Chocolate Courses

We all love chocolate, and now you can discover how to make your own hand-crafted treats with the expert guidance of our chocolatier extraordinaire.

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Food Business Courses

Whether you are considering setting up an artisan food business or looking to develop and expand an existing enterprise our food business start-up course will help you transform your ideas into reality.

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Food For Health Courses

Having a healthy diet and using local ingredients from sustainable sources to make delicious food is something we all strive to achieve. Explore some new ways of thinking about food and learn practical cooking skills.

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Ice Cream Courses

If you’ve never tasted home-made ice cream then be warned – you may never want to buy from the supermarket freezer again!

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