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From milk choice to maturation, delve into the fascinating world of dairy with our range of tasting courses, practical days and professional workshops.

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Professional Cheesemaking - Cheddar, Cheshire & Hard Cheese


Join dairy expert Paul Thomas on this three-day professional course which explores the production techniques of our favourite hard cheeses: cheddar, Cheshire & continental varieties.

Introduction to Cheesemaking (Two Day)


Join award-winning cheesemaker Paul Thomas and turn your hand to making your own cheese on this two-day practical course.

Beer & Cheese Tasting Session


Explore the unusual partnership of beer and cheese, and taste your way through our course which is sure to satisfy both real ale lovers and cheeseaholics.

Historic Cheeses (Half Day)


On this half day course, you'll taste a selection of delicious historic British cheeses, learn about cheesemaking history & and also examine traditional equipment and historic dairying documents.

Professional Soft & Lactic Cheesemaking


Join dairy expert Paul Thomas on this specialist three-day course as you learn the technical knowledge & practice involved in the commercial production of rennet & lactic set soft cheeses.

Dairy Science for Cheesemakers


Delve into the science of cheesemaking with dairy expert Paul Thomas. Designed for those involved in cheesemaking, you will explore the complexities of cheese microbiology & chemistry.

Home Dairy Skills - Cheese, Butter & Yoghurt


Discover how to make soft cheese, yoghurt and butter with this one-day practical course dedicated to dairy products that can be made at home.

Cheese Tasting - Bishop Auckland Food & Drink Festival


Join cheese expert Katy Fenwick at the Bishop Auckland Food & Drink Festival & taste a selection of artisan cheeses from across the British Isles.

Cheesemaking - Bishop Auckland Food & Drink Festival


Want to learn how to make homemade cheese? Join our cheese expert Katy Fenwick at the Bishop Auckland Food & Drink Festival.

Professional Cheesemaking


Join Ivan Larcher – one of the artisan cheese world’s most highly regarded and knowledgeable practitioners - on this specialist five-day professional course.

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