Preserves and Pickling Courses

Preserves do just that; they keep the taste and goodness of the season for you to enjoy later. Learn how to produce your own jams, chutneys, jellies, flavoured oils and much more.

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Introduction to Fermentation & Pickling


Heard of the health benefits of popular dishes such as kimchi and sauerkraut? Discover how to make these delicious dishes plus more with the help of pickling expert Lindy Wildsmith.

Hurry! Last few places remaining: 26/10/2017

Preserves and Pickles - Autumn Flavours


Transform autumn's finest harvest into delicious preserves under the expert guidance of celebrated author Lindy Wildsmith.

Christmas Preserves


Get ready to pull out the preserves pans, discover delectable recipes & sample mouthwatering flavours that capture & enhance the flavours of winter.

Hurry! Last few places remaining: 08/12/2017

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