Professional Cheese Making - Soft & Lactic Cheese

Professional Cheese Making- Soft & Lactic Cheese

Combining technical information with practical sessions, this specialist two-day course is designed for existing artisan cheesemakers or those wishing to produce rennet and lactic set soft cheeses on a commercial basis.

By exploring how positive attributes in one cheese type may be considered faults in another you will gain a full understanding of how to make high quality soft cheeses every time.

Dairy industry expert and cheesemaking instructor Paul Thomas will detail the chemistry and microbiology of the cheesemaking processes, explaining the complexities of soft cheese production.

This professional course will cover:

  • The application of commercial starters and natural whey starters in soft cheese production
  • The role of acidity development and drainage in the texture and flavour of the finished cheese
  • The myths and the reality of effective pathogen control
  • Inhibition of common spoilage organisms
  • Minimising variation between and within a batch to ensure consistent production
  • Rind ripening yeasts, moulds and bacteria
  • Salting and brining
  • Maturation techniques: mould ripening and rind-washing
  • Raw milk is used to produce the cheeses on this course. Vegetable-based rennet can be used if required.

Cheese types produced in the practical sessions will include:

  • Ripened lactic cheeses (St Marcellin-Style or similar)
  • A soft rennet-set mould-ripened cheese in the Camembert-style
  • A soft rennet-set rind-washed cheese in the style of Vacherin

The course is designed so that the practical knowledge, skills and understanding gained during the two days can be applied to improve the production of any soft or lactic cheese type.

Refreshments will be available throughout each day, as well as buffet style lunches prepared by our team of chefs. All ingredients, equipment and recipes will be provided.

If you are a member of the SCA (Specialist Cheesemakers Association) you can receive a 15% discount during checkout by using code: CHSEPGST15

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