Junior Baker/Pastry Chef FT

We are looking for an experienced baker/pastry chef to join our small crew.

We are looking for an experienced baker/pastry chef to join our small crew. Previous professional experience or education is a must, we hope to find a baker/pastry chef who has experience in similar sourdough or long fermented bakeries and preferably with laminated doughs and patisserie.

We need you to have a passion for fermentation, an understanding of levain and the effects of the seasons, a desire to continue learning everyday, the ability to share your knowledge, ideas and creativity and to motivate yourself to improve.

You will be comfortable making a variety of leavened and unleavened pastry doughs, creams and custards, jams and ganaches. We make everything we use in our pastries from scratch, no bought in jams or fillings here!

You will work a variety of shifts between our bread and pastry sections, regular shifts are 5am-2pm, or 7am-4pm, including weekend days.

You will be:
- in love with all things sourdough
- detail orientated and a little bit obsessed about refining your
techniques, consistency and learning new things
- an efficient and a clean worker
- a morning person!
- able to slot into a team and also motivate yourself for more
solo work
- mindful of ingredients costs and wastage
- inspired by other part so the world of food and able to bring
your inspiration and ideas to work

We will be:
open to your ideas and experience
happy to teach you as much as we can
an employer who is committed to improving themselves and their staff
a welcoming and hardworking part of the community

Duties include:
- Mixing savoury and sweet doughs, sourdough and yeasted
- Hand scaling and shaping all our doughs
- Bake shifts and oven work
- Veg and fruit prep for bread products
- Pastry prep including doughs, fillings, decoration
- Daily and deep cleaning
- Helping with seasonal and product development
- Occasional markets and pop ups

Salaried staff work 40-42 hours per week. If you’d prefer to work more or less, we may be able to accommodate you with an hourly rate.

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