Gillian Mason

Gillian Mason turned Head of Hospitality to tutor at The School of Artisan Food, sharing her love of local, sustainably reared and grown food.

Gill began working at The School of Artisan Food in 2010, working primarily as a member of the hospitality team. For six years Gill was the Head of Hospitality, looking after a team of cooks as they prepared and cooked freshly made meals daily, for staff and students. Special events were also catered for, such as the Food for Thought series which brought many foodies together.

Gill’s passion for good food, grown locally and sustainably begins at home as she and her family run an 8-acre small-holding, rearing rare breed pigs, keeping chickens and bees, and growing fruits and vegetables. Gill encourages her young grandchildren to get involved with the day-to-day tasks involved with their field-to-fork-based lifestyle.

Gill has always been generous with sharing her skills in the kitchen and made the natural progression to teaching officially at The School of Artisan Food in 2021, where she now imparts her love of slow cooking methods, creates seasonal menus and shares her knowledge freely, whilst spreading the joy that food brings.

Courses with Gill