Justine Kanter

Justine Kanter is a Cordon Bleu trained chef and master baker. She is the founder of The Kitchen Coach, a company that provides guidance and encouragement on how to make your kitchen a more rewarding place. Armed with an understanding of how ingredients behave, together with classic techniques, shortcuts and secret tips, she enables cooks of all levels to make their food taste better and feel more confident around food. A mother of two teenage boys, Justine knows what it’s like to juggle work and family life.

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Justine Kanter's Courses

A Taste of South East Asia

Join Cordon Bleu trained chef Justine Kanter as you explore the flavours of South East Asia and learn how to create a selection of tantalising dishes from Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.This hands-on...

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Classic Culinary Fundamentals (Five Day)

Learning how to cook with confidence is an essential skill that you'll benefit from at all stages of life.During this five-day intensive course, you will explore a wide range of classic culinary skill...

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