Kieron Atkinson

Founder of the English Wine Project, left the British Army in 2010 after nine years’ active service to start a new career in English wine. He completed the only UK wine production course at Plumpton College and became Technical Advisor for the UK branch of the Rothschilds.

In June 2011 Kieron also took over the historic vineyard at Renishaw Hall in north Derbyshire, where he looks after a two acre site and produces award-winning still and sparkling wine.

Kieron is also a winemaker at Halfpenny Green Vineyards in south Staffordshire, from where he produces the Renishaw wine as well as assisting Halfpenny Green with the production of their own wines – including reds and rosés – and other English wines produced from grapes grown at vineyards across the country.

These roles give Kieron a complete spectrum of experience of the English wine industry.

In his spare time Kieron loves sport, long walks with the dog, cooking and of course, good wine.

Kieron Atkinson's Courses

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