Max Scotford

'I’ve always had a passion for food, which led me on to study catering at college. During my time there I developed a real interest in chocolate, and over the years I further educated myself on chocolate – researching how it was made, the incredible history and the distinct flavour notes derived from each single origin. As I became more immersed and making it at home, I realised there was only a handful of people in the UK actually making chocolate this way and decided to turn my passion into a dream business.'

At Bullion chocolate, Max produces craft chocolate from bean-to-bar. Using the finest cacao sourced from smallholder farmers, he strives to showcase the beans' unique flavours within his award-winning single origin bars.

By starting right at the source and working from the bean, he's able to have complete control over the complex steps needed to make chocolate and showcase the distinct flavours of the beans from each single origin.

As a result of this meticulous approach, he believes you will experience chocolate from a totally different perspective. Just as with fine wine, at Bullion he wants people to discuss the different origins and flavour notes of the chocolate he crafts - using his signature bars as a platform to give cocoa the appreciation it deserves.

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