Sam Webster

Sam has always picked wild fruit with her family from being a little girl, and has always had a huge love of nature.

“When I was 16 I bought the great mushroom encyclopaedia for an art project as I was fascinated by mushrooms and loved drawing them, little did I think at 16 that it would be the best and most used book I’ve ever bought”

Sam started taking foraging seriously after her husband bought her a private foraging course for her birthday about 8 years ago. Since then she has never looked back and is quite literally eating her way around the UK’s amazing countryside and coasts.

Exploring, discovering and truly enjoying the whole experience involved with foraging and wild food Sam’s favourite part is being able to share this knowledge with everyone she meets.

“To see the amazement in someone’s eyes when they taste their first lemony sorrel leaf is unbeatable”

Sam’s favourite recipe has to be elderflower marmalade which she makes using the leftover citrus fruits from making elderflower cordial, this means there’s no wastage, which makes her happy.

Sam Webster's Courses

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