Charitable Work

Since its foundation, The School of Artisan Food has raised bursary money for its diploma students. Providing this subsidy to people who would otherwise not be able to afford the training is our core charitable purpose.

We also work with schools, voluntary organisations, community groups, and social enterprises to provide skills training, information, volunteer opportunities and advice, always aware of our responsibilities as a charitable organisation. We charge full fees for our short courses in order to cover costs and to subsidise diploma students, but we are always open to applications from individuals and groups (as above) for any available last-minute subsidised places.

We are committed to the promotion of good food, good health, local employment, a sustainable environment and a safe supply chain. We raise money so that we can promote these aims as well as enable the widest possible access to our core training programme.

If you would like to support the School’s work by making a donation please visit the donations page. Alternatively you can write to the School or email us with any questions you may have about our fundraising activities.

Thank you.

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