Practical training

The diploma's hands-on classes have been developed to give students a solid foundation and the practical skills to succeed in their chosen career.

Covering artisan bread baking, patisserie and viennoiserie, classes are taught by industry experts including Wayne Caddy, Mickael Jahan as well as a range of guest lecturers, artisan producers and industry professionals.

From understanding the functionality of ingredients and the associated science, to mastering sourdough and long fermentation, students cover a diverse range of topics and methods including, but not limited to:

  • Dough rheology and key stages
  • Iconic breads and recipe balance
  • Traditional British baking and shaping
  • Classic Continental baking
  • Yeast types including wild yeast, sourdough and long fermentation
  • Baking with non-wheat and gluten free flours and grains
  • Baking with heritage flours
  • Wholemeal, rye and grain baking
  • Super-hydrated doughs
  • World breads
  • Classic and contemporary patisserie
  • Viennoiserie

Students gain a detailed understanding of how to bake iconic British, European and International products as well as contemporary breads and pastries.

Students follow a programme of hands-on sessions in specialist training facilities to gain a thorough working overview of bakery production.

Assessments take a variety of forms and include practical exercises, oral and written exams and ongoing coursework.

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