What our students say

“I definitely made the right decision doing the diploma. I could have chosen to go and learn on the job at a bakery, but learning about baking at the School has two big advantages. Firstly, it’s given me the technical knowledge I need, the science behind real breadmaking, which I would never have learnt otherwise.

It’s also given me the best contacts. The School puts you in touch with a network of bakers that you can learn from and do work placements with. The mentoring and advice that I can tap into is making a real difference now I am trying to set myself up."
Robbie Livingstone, 2017 graduate

“I’ve always loved baking, so when I was made redundant from my PA job in the city I decided to re-train at the School and try something I really wanted to do. On my first day I felt like I was finally in a place where I felt comfortable. I was working alongside likeminded people who all loved good food and wanted to talk about it. It felt like home.

I already had a passion for baking, but the course gave me the knowledge, confidence and technical understanding I needed to open the Bakehouse. The science of baking is just as important as the practical skills and the business side when you run a bakery; you need to understand why things go wrong and how to correct them to be successful."
Clare Barton, 2013 graduate and owner of The Bakehouse at 124

“What I loved most about the course was being able to spend every day baking and learning from the best. Being taught by Wayne Caddy, Mickael Jahan and Rosie and Graham Dunton was a real privilege. Their support carries on long after you leave the School.

Bakery108 wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the School. I’ve gone from no experience of baking bread to being able to run my own micro-bakery. The diploma gives you all the skills you need to go out and get started.”
Helen Lockett, 2017 graduate and owner of Bakery 108

"The diploma is great because it gives you the scientific underpinning theory of baking, combined with lots of hands-on practice. You need both to bake good bread. By adding the business side, it covers all bases.

None of this would be happening without the School. Our tutors gave me the knowledge and skills I needed not only to make bread, but also to set up a business, sell my produce and become a teacher. This course can lead to such a wide variety of opportunities."
Ian Waterland, 2014 graduate and owner of Knead Good Bread

“The School gave me the time and space outside of my normal life to come up with my idea, to realise it was possible and to learn the skills I needed to make it a reality. I learnt bread making techniques from Wayne and how to structure a viable business from Yvonne. The patisserie side of the diploma led by Graham and Rose teaches you about the importance of ingredients and flavours, stressing you need to put good things in to get something great out.

The advantage of working on Barmies while at the School was that I could benefit from the tutors’ expertise. I knew Wayne would steer me in the right direction. He always makes you work it out for yourself, but is there to help."
Sophie Wood, 2016 graduate and owner of Barmies beer barm snacks

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