Advanced Bread Baking (Four Day)

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Extend your bread baking repertoire and develop new skills with this intensive professional course. The course has been developed for existing bakers, chefs, business start-ups and advanced home bakers.

This comprehensive course explores a wide variety of artisan bread making processes with the expert and experienced guidance of Wayne Caddy, the UK's representative at the baking Coup de Monde.

Throughout this practical course you will cover a range of topics and techniques including:

  • Professional recipes, ingredients and formulas
  • The importance of ingredients
  • Yeasted pre-ferments
  • Wild yeast cultures and sourdough
  • Professional bread mixing methods, including double hydrated dough & autolyse techniques
  • Bulk fermentation and folding
  • Hand shaping and moulding techniques
  • Plaiting
  • Dividing and scaling
  • Using multi-speed spiral mixers and stone bed deck ovens
  • Advanced decoration bread stencils
  • Traditional razor blade techniques for scoring
  • Wet and super hydrated doughs
  • Calculating final dough temperature and its importance
  • Oven management, loading and unloading ovens
  • Working with fruit and grain soaker inclusions
  • Building a sourdough from scratch

Wayne will share his decades of experience as you create a selection of artisan breads including:

  • Ciabatta with biga
  • Focaccia
  • Traditional baguettes with poolish and levain
  • Pain de campagne
  • Sourdough and levain breads
  • Challah
  • Beer barm bread
  • Olive & Gruyère bread
  • Grain and fruit soaker loaves
  • Apple & sultana hot cross buns
  • Panettone
  • Brioche
  • Rye breads
  • Fruited malt breads
  • Brioche
  • Panettone
  • Lincolnshire Plum Loaf
  • Sprouted Grain Sourdough
  • Campagne Baguette
  • Decorative Baguette

This course will take place at the School of Artisan Food with all breads baked in professional stone based deck ovens. All breads produced on the course are available to take home along with recipes and technical notes.

This course includes light refreshments and an informal lunch.

All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the School.

"Brilliant! Loved it! Learnt and had so much fun. Thank you Wayne Caddy."


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