Advanced Bread Baking - Sprouted Grains, Heritage Wheat & Rye (Five Days)

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Extend your baking repertoire and develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to bake professionally using sprouted grains, heritage wheat and rye flours on this intensive five-day course. The lower level of gluten found in these flours means they can be more challenging to work with than traditional grains. However, professionals who master baking with these flours can produce a diverse range of delicious artisan loaves.

Please note: This course forms Week 3 of the Professional Baking Skills with Wayne Caddy course (13-17 August 2018)

You’ll be guided by our tutor and expert baker Wayne Caddy, the UK's representative at the baking Coup de Monde, as you cover a comprehensive range of artisan bread baking techniques, processes and recipes during discussions and hands-on sessions, including;

  • Professional recipes and formulas
  • The importance of ingredients and raw materials
  • Production planning
  • Dough temperature and its importance
  • Preparation of inclusions
  • Wild yeast cultures, natural enzymes and their function
  • Smoking grains
  • Sprouting grains
  • Working with rye breads
  • Building a sourdough culture
  • Sourdough care
  • Wet and super-hydrated doughs
  • Professional bread mixing methods, including double hydrated dough and the Autolyse technique
  • Bulk fermentation and folding
  • Hand shaping and moulding
  • Dividing and scaling
  • Advanced shaping techniques
  • Slow speed and twin speed mixing
  • Oven management and operating stone bed deck ovens and a wood-fired oven for pizza making
  • Advanced decoration bread stencils
  • Traditional razor blade techniques for scoring
  • Finished product presentation and review

During the five days students will explore the ancient and sprouted grains, gaining detailed insight into the many different varieties and their nutritional benefits. You will also produce a selection of artisan breads which may include:

Sprouted grains

  • Sprouted barley
  • Sprouted rye
  • Sprouted kamut sourdough
  • Sprouted amaranth
  • Sprouted wheat sourdough
  • Sprouted wholewheat sourdough

Grain and seeded breads

  • Barley and linseed
  • Barley grain
  • Buckwheat Sourdough
  • Smoked three grain
  • Toasted millet and natural honey

Ancient grain

  • Kamut
  • Spelt
  • Emmer

Rye breads

  • New York deli rye
  • Pumpernickel
  • Rye sourdough bread
  • Rye with roasted onion
  • Tourte au seigle
  • Volkornbrot

This professional course was developed for existing bakers, chefs, business start-ups and advanced home bakers. The course takes place in the School’s bakery training facility, using professional equipment, with all breads baked in professional stone based deck ovens.

Refreshments will be available throughout each day, as well as buffet style lunches prepared by our team of chefs. All ingredients, equipment and recipes will be provided.


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