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Acclaimed food writer and chef Valentina Harris invites you to join her on an Italian food adventure. She will introduce you to the fresh flavours, seasonal produce and artisan techniques at the heart of authentic Italian food, teaching you how to cook like an Italian.

During this practical five-day course Valentina will guide you through the flavours and dishes of different regions of Italy, focusing on a specific regional cuisine each day. Under her expert guidance you will gain the confidence and skills to produce a selection of delicious pasta dishes, sauces, meat and fish dishes, seasonal vegetables and local sweets. Using the best seasonal produce, you’ll learn how to recreate an authentic taste of Italy in your own kitchen.

No previous experience is necessary; just enthusiasm and a willingness to work alongside other food lovers to make real fresh Italian food. Across the five days you will create a feast of regional dishes, including:

DAY 1 - Friuli-Venezia Giuliao

  • Grilled polenta with mushrooms
  • Polenta with tomatoes
  • Fresh pasta
  • Giant ravioli with a mascarpone and beetroot filling
  • Cod fillets with chilli, garlic and capers
  • The goulash of Trieste
  • Stewed red cabbage with smoked pancetta
  • Sweet potato fritters

DAY 2 - Rome and Lazio

  • Roman artichokes
  • Pasta with chick peas
  • Spaghetti with sugo finto
  • Bucatini with amatriciana sauce
  • Roman roast lamb
  • Oxtail stew
  • Roman choux buns

DAY 3 - Sardinia

  • Impanadas di pesce – Sardinian fish pies
  • Saffron risotto
  • Fregola with mussels and clams
  • Sea bass in a salt crust
  • Lamb casserole with fregola
  • Frittata with tomato sauce
  • Papassinas - Sardinian iced biscuits
  • Suspirus – almond cookies

DAY 4 - Sicily

  • Sfincuni - Sicilian onion and tomato pizza
  • Cauliflower salad
  • Polpette di funghi
  • Vermicelli with squid ink
  • Rice and aubergine bake
  • Swordfish rolls
  • Bocconetti alla mandorla – almond kisses
  • Coffee gelato

DAY 5 - Tuscany

  • Crostini toscani - Tuscan pate
  • Stewed cuttlefish in the Livornese style
  • Pappardelle with hare
  • La ribollita - Tuscan bean and cabbage soup
  • Risotto al Chianti
  • Rabbit with olives
  • Torta garfagnina
  • Chestnut flour cake

A selection of the dishes you make will be served as a late lunch each day, while other dishes will be available for you to take home and enjoy. Refreshments will be available throughout the day. All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the School.

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"Valentina Harris truly cooks from the heart." - Giorgio Locatelli


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