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Develop your professional cheesemaking skills and discover the theory and techniques behind great cheesemaking with French cheese technologist Ivan Larcher – one of the artisan cheese world’s most respected and knowledgeable practitioners.

This specialist five-day course is ideal for existing artisan cheesemakers or those wishing to produce cheeses on a commercial basis.

During the course you’ll be given a whole-system perspective on cheesemaking. Beginning on the farm, you will explore the importance of animal husbandry and welfare, forage and feed, dairy production, and milk quality to professional cheesemaking.

Guided by Ivan, you’ll also be given the opportunity to delve deep into both the science and art of cheesemaking by investigating raw and pasteurized milk theory, cheese microbiology, coagulants, curdling mechanisms and starters. Through a combination of classroom lecture sessions and hands-on cheesemaking you’ll focus on the artisanal production of lactic, hard, soft, Saint Nectaire and traditional brie cheeses.

Once you’ve learnt how to make this selection of cheeses, focus shifts to ‘affinage’; the aging and maturing of cheese. You’ll learn about ripening cultures, climate control, rind treatment and handling throughout the aging process. And, because great cheesemaking is about so much more than just following a recipe, time will be spent developing your sensory and tasting skills.

A session on defects and troubleshooting will also give you invaluable tools for managing production and working through the challenges of the variable ecological processes of cheesemaking and aging.

Please note: Raw milk is used to produce cheese on this course.

Refreshments will be available on arrival and throughout the five days as well as informal buffet lunches. All ingredients, equipment and recipes will be provided.

Take a look at the course timetable for more information.

If you are a member of the SCA (Specialist Cheesemakers Association) you can receive a 15% discount during checkout by using code: CHSEPGST15

'My expectations were met and then some, it was extraordinary. Stunning location as well. Much recommended!'

"As demand for artisan food increases so does the demand for knowledge about it. Not only is the general public hungry for knowledge about the food they eat but also the need for skilled artisans is ever increasing. I have been involved in the renaissance of artisan cheese in Britain for 30 years and seen the number of these cheeses increase from a handful in the late 1970s to hundreds now. But the knowledge and craft of artisan cheesemaking is still held by very few and now is the time to teach what we know. Fifty years ago there were several schools in Britain providing training for hundreds of cheesemakers and now there are none. The School of Artisan Food fills that gap."
Randolph Hodgson Founder of Neal’s Yard Dairy


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