Professional Cheesemaking - Cheddar, Cheshire and Hard Cheese


Cheddar, Cheshire and Continental varieties - this professional course explores the production techniques of our favourite hard cheeses.

Combining technical information with practical sessions, this three-day course is designed for existing artisan cheesemakers or those wishing to produce hard cheeses on a commercial basis.

Led by dairy industry expert, Paul Thomas, this course will cover a range of topics including;

  • The selection and use of commercial starter cultures
  • The role of acidification, drainage and technological parameters in the flavour-development, safety and textural properties of the finished cheese
  • Microbiological and biochemical processes crucial to the ripening of hard cheeses
  • Rind treatments such as lard and cloth, Plasticoat and smear-ripening
  • Control of batch variation with regard to processing steps and milk composition
  • Troubleshooting common defects

Cheeses made on this course include:

  • A continental style hard/extra-hard cheese of the Gruyere type
  • Two territorial hard cheeses: Cheddar and Cheshire

Raw milk is used to produce cheeses on this course but the content is suitable for producers of raw or pasteurised products.

The course aims to ensure that the practical understanding gained during the three days may be applied to improve the production of any hard cheese type, and not just to teach the recipes selected for the course.

All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided by the School.

This course includes light refreshments and an informal lunch.


Mon 26th Sep - Wed 28th Sep 2016

Places left: YES


Time: 9:30am - 5:00pm

Duration: 3.0 day(s)

Cost: £545.00

Subjects: Cheesemaking


Paul Thomas

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