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Beer and Cheese

Explore the unusual partnership of beer and cheese, and taste your way through our course which is sure to satisfy both real ale lovers and cheeseaholics.

Join Claire Monk, Head Brewer of the Welbeck Abbey Brewery and the School's dairy expert, as they share their wealth of knowledge and reveal the similarities shared by many a cheese and beer.

From the nutty, caramel aromas found in both aged cheese and stouts, to the relationship of rich barley to our favourite blues, there's a whole host of mouth-watering combinations to discover.

Throughout this tasting course you will sample a wide selection of artisan cheeses from across the British Isles and pair them with a range of hand-crafted beers from the Welbeck Abbey Brewery.

Raise your glass and expand your palate for this underappreciated partnership.

Cheeses tasted on this course may be produced with raw milk and animal rennet, please contact us for details. 

'Great short course. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable young brewer and cheese maker led the course. They were terrific. Learnt a lot in a short time in a great venue.'


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