Step into the vibrant world of The School of Artisan Food, where a team of passionate individuals has embarked on the Best Food Forward project. Since May 2022, we've been on a mission to help people think in new ways about food, empowering them to make lasting, healthier, and planet-friendly choices.


Fuelling our mission is the expertise of Lauren, a registered dietitian, who joined the team to spearhead this groundbreaking initiative. Together, we've been on a whirlwind adventure, collaborating with local schools and clinics to understand how we can best have an impact on how school staff, students, clinicians and patients relate to food.


We've developed many captivating teaching materials to inject excitement and practicality into food education. The recently unveiled 'Best Food Forward Food Cards' - an ingenious educational resource perfectly aligned with The Eatwell Guide, supports students in developing food recognition and offers practical information.


Cooking isn't just a skill; it's an art form. At The School of Artisan Food, we've hosted cooking sessions that transcend traditional classroom boundaries. Imagine students engaging in sensory exploration and taste tests, and discovering ingenious ways to stay hydrated. From exploring the impact of food on mood to unveiling seasonal recipes, our cooking adventures have left a lasting impression.


Our CPD-accredited sessions for GPs and Healthcare Professionals provide a unique opportunity to upskill and engage in hands-on cook-eat-and-learn experiences. We are beginning to host day-long sessions here, which have allowed participants to connect with colleagues and develop a deeper understanding of the vital link between food and health.


We're not just revolutionising how we cook and eat; we're also committed to sustainability. In our quest to minimise waste and nurture our environment, we've launched our very own worm farm. These incredible creatures help us convert organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, and we can't wait to scale this up in the coming months. Stay tuned for updates on our wormy allies!


Our dedication to knowledge-sharing extends beyond schools and clinics. We firmly believe in the power of collective support. That's why we've forged partnerships that include the Bassetlaw Food Insecurity Network and local social enterprises. Together, we're producing videos, sharing recipes, and creating spice packages for food hubs. It's through these collaborations that we foster mutual support and make a real impact on our community. Want to find out more about Best Food Forward? Find us at The School of Artisan Food or online on our new website, We’re also on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Lauren- BFF Project