In Conversation with Alison Swan Parente

Founder of The School of Artisan Food, Alison Swan Parente, will be joining restaurateur, Nisha Katona, on 7 December for a live streamed conversation about the challenges currently facing the hospitality world.

The Zoom Webinar has been organised by LDE London to highlight the issues that face the industry during the pandemic.

The pressures of operating during a pandemic are enormous, and many food businesses have already lost the fight. Nisha, who has 11 restaurants in her Mowgli Street Food Chain, has been able to thrive during the pandemic. While new restrictions sweep the country, The School of Artisan Food is able to remain open as an educational establishment.

Together they will talk of the challenges and the issues surrounding the future of the food and hospitality sector as a whole.

The event, which includes a question and answer session, takes place between 7-8pm on Monday 7 December. It is free to attend but places must be booked >> via Eventbrite.