Small Food Awards 2018

The School of Artisan Food and Virtuous Bread are delighted to announce the second Small Food Awards. The awards celebrate micro, professional food producers in the UK who are on the leading edge of innovation and excellence in the food industry.

There are five artisan food categories:

(Bean to bar
bars only)
(Eg. Pickles,
kimchi, etc)

"Many of the most important innovations in food in the past decade, whether it has been in design, production or delivery, have come from micro producers. Talented people in these tiny companies typically work from home alone or with one other partner. They consider themselves professional in every way - committed to an excellent product, differentiating their product based on their interests and values, and earning money from sales. However, they are frequently at a disadvantage when it comes to competition in their area, many of which are dominated by much larger organisations.

We are excited to host the Small Food Awards for the second year running. The Awards not only provide micro producers with a platform to compete on a level playing field, they also provide them with exposure, a valuable award which they can use to further develop credibility."

Jane Mason, Founder and Director of Virtuous Bread

“The Small Food Awards provide a fabulous opportunity for micro food producers to showcase their products and compete against others who face the same challenges. We hope that the Awards will encourage the very best artisan food creators to come forward and take part in this great event. With advice from the awards judges as well as experts here at The School, we aim to give Britain’s best small producers a platform to grow their business and take their brilliant products to a wider market.”
Julie Byrne, Managing Director of The School of Artisan Food




Once again, we are thrilled to host these awards and look forward to finding and celebrating the best small food producers in the UK. Best of luck to all entrants!

Last year's winners ...

"My small scale artisanal cheese production, using good quality milk produced with our high welfare farming practices, is inherently more costly than mass production. Winning the Small Food Awards can persuade consumers it is worth paying more for a quality product."
Gillian Clough from Tenacres Cheese, Hebden Bridge - Cheese, first prize winner

"It’s an honour to receive recognition and support from experts in the food industry. Winning a Small Food Award gives consumers and retailers an extra level of confidence in my product when faced with the ever expanding choice on offer."
Pablo Spaull from Forever Cacao, Wales - Chocolate, first prize winner

"Winning first for our Lillymill white sourdough, pain aux raisin and third prize for our apple Danish at the Small Food Awards was such an honour. The support we received afterwards, through the prizes that we won, included two hours of coaching from both Jane Mason and Camilla Barnard which was invaluable in boosting our morale and confidence."

"We had been working out of a converted shed in the back garden and that was a tall order most of the time. The space was cramped and we had to be ultra-organised with space and processes. The Small Food Awards made us realise we could do so much more and helped us to grow our bakery out of the shed into a 700 sq ft bakery unit.”
Patrick Bowden from Indigo Bakes, Basingstoke - Bread, first prize winner

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