Small Food Awards 2018


The Small Food Awards celebrate micro, professional food producers in the UK who are on the leading edge of innovation and excellence in the food industry.

The five artisan food categories included:

(Bean to bar
bars only)
(Eg. Pickles,
kimchi, etc)


We would like to say a huge thank you to all entrants for submitting their products for the Awards. We are delighted to announce the following winners of the Small Food Awards 2018 ...

BREAD WINNER - East Sheen Microbakery - Sourdough

Ma Baker - Porridge bread - SECOND PLACE
Sticky Mitts - Merlot, fig & pine nut loaf - THIRD PLACE

CHARCUTERIE WINNER - Norfolk Charcuterie - Venison & fennel salami

Lawns Farm Shop - Chorizo - SECOND
Duchy Charcuterie - Beef nduja - THIRD PLACE

CHEESE WINNER - Honeysuckle’s Nanodairy - 'Retirement' – raw milk, hard cheese

Sheffield Cheesemasters - 'Little Mester' - surface ripened soft cheese - SECOND PLACE
Greensand Ridge Cheese Company - 'Coggepole' – soft creamy cheese - THIRD PLACE

CHOCOLATE WINNER - Dormouse Chocolates - Toasted Madagascan White

Dormouse Chocolates - Guatemalan 51.5% Milk - SECOND PLACE

Solkiki -Marañón – Dark, 68% Peruvian - THIRD PLACE

SAVOURY FERMENTED PRODUCT WINNER - Loaf on Mars - Fermented mustard

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“It was great to partner with Jane Mason, the original bread angel and founder of Virtuous Bread, to host the second Small Food Awards. The School of Artisan Food promotes and supports small food as a delicious, sustainable and affordable alternative to ‘big’ food at every opportunity, so these Awards are a brilliant way of shining a light on these inspiring micro producers."

Julie Byrne, Managing Director of The School of Artisan Food

"Many of the most important innovations in food in the past decade, whether it has been in design, production or delivery, have come from micro producers. Talented people in these tiny companies typically work from home alone or with one other partner. They consider themselves professional in every way - committed to an excellent product, differentiating their product based on their interests and values, and earning money from sales. However, they are frequently at a disadvantage when it comes to competition in their area, many of which are dominated by much larger organisations.

We are excited to host the Small Food Awards for the second year running. The Awards not only provide micro producers with a platform to compete on a level playing field, they also provide them with exposure, a valuable award which they can use to further develop credibility."
Jane Mason, Founder and Director of Virtuous Bread

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