Study Tours

We offer a unique opportunity for international students to experience artisan food production in the beautiful surroundings of the Welbeck Estate, in the heart of the UK.

Our study tours are an excellent way for students and tutors to gain an international perspective on artisan food using traditional methods and techniques, anthropology and food science.

Each study tour can be tailored to suit the needs of student groups and their college/university program or faculty. Our in-house courses, taught by expert tutors and artisan producers, combine practical and theoretical teaching with tastings of produce to provide an unrivalled learning experience. We offer a range of course subject areas including baking, patisserie, butchery, game, raw milk cheesemaking, chocolate making and cooking and more.

Other course areas which may be of particular interest to overseas colleges and universities can be included as part of the study tour, such as:

  • Food science
  • Culinary arts
  • Agricultural science
  • Animal science
  • Anthropology
  • History

We can incorporate visits to award-winning artisan producers, suppliers and retailers as well as Britain’s cultural highlights. Past study tours have included trips to famous food destinations in London, York and Bath, such as:

  • Borough and Smithfield markets, London
  • Covent Garden, London
  • Neal's Yard Dairy, London
  • Betty's Tea Room, York
  • Castle Museum, York
  • Roman Baths, Bath

To find out more about our study tours, speak to our Head of International Development Kevin Dukes.

Iowa University 2017 - study tour

In March 2017, The School of Artisan Food welcomed a group of students from Iowa State University on a study tour that combined artisan food production skills, food science, food culture and anthropology.

The group spent six days at The School developing skills in butchery, cheesemaking, bread baking and chocolate making under the guidance of expert tutors. Following this, the group headed to London for four days to learn about award-winning artisan food production, visit food markets and enjoy culinary experiences.

"I had the wonderful opportunity of leading a group of six students from Iowa State University to the School of Artisan Food and the Welbeck Estate for the inaugural spring break study abroad trip ‘Food Production in the Artisan Style’. This program provided a unique opportunity for college students from the plains states of the US (Iowa, Nebraska, Illinois) to experience food production emphasising the simplicity of good food.

It is obvious that the School has exceptional teachers for all the courses we experienced. Each tutor not only taught us technical information in their area of expertise, but also used the products and ingredients to tell the stories of area culture and history.

This was certainly a ‘trip of a lifetime’ for my students. The School of Artisan Foods gave us all a new perspective on food production and highlighted issues to think about when preparing, purchasing and making food decisions in the future. I know we will continue these discussions and I look forward to bringing more students to the school in the future."
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Linda Svendsen
Senior Lecturer
, Iowa State University

My experience at The School of Artisan Food was amazing. I felt like I was being taught by people who, not only love their jobs, but know what they are talking about. Everyone was friendly. Always saying hello or engaging in conversation with those taking classes. Instructors were extremely willing to work, help and teach me the correct way of doing things. I would come back to the School in a heartbeat if I could. I gained a lot of new knowledge and had refreshers on topics I already learned through classes for my major, Dietetics. I think I could take a lot that I learned at the School and incorporate it into my future career path of being a Registered Dietitian.
Nicole Kenne
Student, Iowa State University

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