Pavan Vadhesha

Stuck in a job that she didn’t enjoy, Pavan Vadhesha decided that 2020 was the year she was going to take a leap of faith, retrain and switch careers. 

In a year that’s been unusual for us all, she has thrown herself into an Advanced Diploma in Artisan Baking at The School of Artisan Food and is on the way to achieving her childhood dreams. This is her story (so far)…

“Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of having my own bakery,” says the 25-year-old. “I remember baking biscuits in primary school and I was hooked then.”

Her passion for baking only grew. When her grandparents would fly back to India, Pavan would make biscuits for them especially for their flight. Her grandmother was a strict vegetarian and so Pavan would experiment with many different flavours.

After school she went on to study English at university, which led to a career in retail buying and administration and her childhood dreams fell by the wayside. In her spare time though she continued experimenting with her baking and wanted to learn more. She was inspired to take part in three short courses at The School of Artisan Food.

“I realised then I was in a job that I really didn’t enjoy and I loved the idea of learning more about the technical/science side of baking. I knew I didn’t want to stay on the same path anymore and wanted to follow my dreams.”

Pavan gained a place at The School of Artisan Food and when she completes the course hopes to create her own micro bakery from home. She eventually aims to move into a retail space and create her own bakery. She is currently learning, not just the techniques about food production, but the business aspect too and how to develop her skills into a business setting.

And now? “I’m absolutely thrilled to be here at The School of Artisan Food, learning from amazing tutors and surrounded by people that share the same passion. I’m loving the technical and practical elements of the courses… and when things go well, it’s the best feeling!"

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