Sarah Worrall

When qualified chartered accountant, Sarah Worrall took part in a short course at The School of Artisan Food little did she imagine that it would set her on the start of a new journey.

She loved learning about bread though and was hooked. It prompted the 28-year-old to begin to think about a whole new career change. It was during the early part of 2020 that Sarah decided it was now or never.

“I had a career with a high-profile financial company in Manchester – a good career – but I wanted to take the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do and am passionate about,” she explained.

“I worked in corporate finance having joined the company as a graduate and been there for six years, but when we went into lockdown, and having had some time to reflect, I decided that if I didn’t make the change now, I would never do it.”

The thought of moving into the city of Manchester to be nearer her job during lockdown didn’t appeal either. With a business degree under her belt, she always had an idea that she would at some point run her own business and she was also keen to work on her family’s dairy farm in Cheshire. The ideas have been bubbling away to look at ways to help the farm diversify.

“I would love to convert the old milking parlour into a bakery at the farm and offer fresh artisan bread and pastries to the local community, as well as getting involved in farmers markets across Cheshire, Manchester and Derbyshire… It all may change, of course. We’re living in changing times afterall,” Sarah added.

“But what this diploma course is doing is helping me see what my options are. It is giving me the skills and the confidence to back up my plans for the future. I am loving being a part of this group of likeminded ambitious bakers, sharing ideas, excitement and inspiration amongst each other.”

Sarah has also had the opportunity to work some shifts with Welbeck Bakehouse, which sits right next door to the School of Artisan Food. The experience gained while working with the team of artisan bakers has been invaluable, she says.

As an added bonus, she is also enjoying living on the rural estate of Welbeck in one of the historic lodges, which is just a short walk from the School.

“I am loving living on the estate and immersing myself in the history of the estate and the whole experience,” she said. “I enjoy running too and love to take my run by the deer park on the estate. It’s pretty special.” Read on to find out how you too could do an Advanced Diploma in Artisan Baking.

Read on to find out how you too could do an Advanced Diploma in Artisan Baking.