Lianna Court

Lianna's love for cooking and baking ignited at a very young age. With the unwavering support and inspiration of her Nain, Mum, and Auntie Mar, she was able to unleash her creativity and experiment with pastries without worrying about the mess in their kitchen!

She started her career in restaurants in North Wales and Manchester, which encouraged her love for food and understanding of the importance of food education. After completing a BSc Hons from Manchester University, she pursued a PGCE in Food Education. She worked in schools for 16 years as a food and nutrition teacher, head of department, and head of year.

Lianna enjoys working with young people and after discovering the values of the School of Artisan Food, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to help young people develop a passion for cooking. This would help them to make good choices around food and to enjoy cooking and eating together.

She is now the Food Educator for the Best Food Forward Programme and delivers fun, interesting, and valuable food education to young people. She also provides training for teachers to enhance standards in food education and to encourage a more school-wide approach to food education. Her aim is to facilitate learning and to encourage cooking for the purpose of creating positive change.