Martha Brown

Forge Bakehouse in Sheffield was set up by Martha Brown who studied the Advanced Diploma in Baking at the School of Artisan Food during 2011/12.

Martha Brown, a native Sheffielder, set up Forge Bakehouse within three months of leaving the School.

Martha describes the bakery as an “amazing accident”: a project that went from a hypothetical dream and research trip, all the way to making real plans of the bakery they would like to have one day.

Forge Bakehouse is always baking. At any hour on any given day, you’re hit with the smell of dough proving, bread getting a crust on or – if you’re lucky – pure butter in the air as they bake fresh almond croissants. The croissants are a labour of love, as Martha says – “they are made completely by hand, which means achy arms, long hours and lots of folding but the fact that so many people have now made them part of their Saturday and Sunday morning routines just makes us want to make more.”

The open plan bakery – they bake and sell in the same place – shows the work that goes into their products, inviting the customer to enquire more and know more. Forge only really break from baking to talk with you, discussing the different products available and sell you ridiculously good value artisanal bread.

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