Martha Brown

Martha's journey in food began in 2011 when she joined the Advanced Diploma course here at the School of Artisan Food.

Whilst she had always had a passion for cooking, Martha fell in love, and became slightly obsessed, with sourdough baking and all things patisserie during the time she spent on the course. Inspired by her placements at E5 Bakehouse in London, Mark's Bread in Bristol and Pump Street Baking in Orford, she set up Forge Bakehouse in Sheffield shortly after leaving the course. Over the next decade, she developed and expanded Forge from a micro-bakery with a team of 3 to a multi-service bakery and cafe, with monthly evening events, baking classes and a pop-up shop with 30 staff. 

Martha sold the business in 2022 and has now come full circle back to the School in a teaching capacity, while she also studies Interior Architecture, another creative endeavour that featured heavily in the expansion process of her business. Creating food and spaces that bring people together and create community is something she will continue to do through both teaching and her studies.

Martha's Courses