Sally-Ann Hunt

After spending 20 years working in the financial sector, Sally decided it was time to take the plunge and pursue a career she was passionate about, that career is teaching others about good food.

Sally began to appreciate how inter-related food, lifestyle, family, and health are whilst working on the Estate she lived on, and the importance of learning the traditional food production methods which are being lost. This newfound relationship with her new lifestyle made her want to learn more artisan skills and to delve into the knowledge of crafts long past.

From foraging for wild food, honing her dairy and butchery skills, Sally spent the next 6 years living a simpler way of life, connected to the food she was eating and loving the journey she had embarked on with her family. 

In 2018, Sally began working at The School of Artisan Food as a Course Technician, and fell in love with the School's ethos, ethics, and vision. Having spent most of her time in the butchery, learning new skills and refining the ones she already had, Sally made the leap to becoming a tutor in 2021. Sally's passion for meat shines through, as she continues to research different ways to flavour, preserve and cook in the most ethical way possible, and sharing her knowledge with her students.


Sally-Ann's Courses